Rock climbing wall Averau Sud “Renè De Pol”

Palestra Roccia Averau Sud Renè De Pol - 5 Torri - Cortina d'Ampezzo

Scritto da Rifugio Averau

16 July 2020

The new ‘Renè De Pol’ rock climbing wall is located at the foot of the south face of Mount Averau and was built by the mountain guides Giorgio Peretti, Maurizio Venzo and Valerio Scarpa.

The 15 equipped routes have a length of 15/18 metres with difficulties ranging from 4c to 6a+, therefore affordable by most modern climbers, with stainless steel bolts and anchor chains with carabiners.

The crag is dedicated to the climber Renato De Pol René, who died on May 1, 1973 at the Iori ridge. A bronze plaque was placed in memory of the deceased mountaineer.

Technical data

  • Where: The crag is situated at the end of the hiking trail n° 441, which starts at the Averau Refuge and leads towards Croda Negra and Col Gallina.
  • Rock: solid black dolostone
  • How to get there: the area can be reached from the Giau pass with the Fedare chairlift. Alternatively, you can take the 5 Torri chairlift up to the Scoiattoli Refuge, from there reach the Averau saddle and then walk on the hiking trail n° 441; From there you will reach the crag in 10 minutes. Here you can find information about the cable cars.
  • Difficulty: from 4c to 6a+ with a development in length of more than 15/18 metres.
  • Height: approx. 2400 meters Suitable clothing is required. At noon the sun shines on the rock face.
  • Equipment: helmet, a 50m long rope and 10 quick-draws.

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